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Ultimate Sound Proofing Combo - Waterco Ultra Quiet Energy Saving Pump and Fort Knox

$2,350.00 $3,139.00

Combine Fort Knox with the ultra quiet energy saving pump to achieve the ultimate sound proofing combo, achieving a 90% reduction in perceived noise*.

Fort Knox is by far the easiest acoustic cover to assemble - it is done in only 3 minutes! Click here to see for yourself.

The Waterco Hydrostorm ECO V100 is a variable speed pump with an 8 star energy rating and fits seamlessly inside our Fort Knox. The combo achieves the following:

  • 90% reduction in perceived noise
  • 8 Star Energy rating
  • Uses over 80% less electricity than a regular pool pump
  • Increases sanitation and water filtration - enhancing water clarity

$2350.00 including GST for Fort Knox and Waterco Hydrostorm ECO V100

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Overall measurement when Burlington and Blast Door are combined together to create Fort Knox are 900mm x 350mm x 380mm (length x width x height)

*Based on a standard pump operating at 71dB and the Waterco Hydrostorm ECO V100 pump operating at 55dB on it's lowest speed, placed inside Fort Knox achieving a 18dB average noise reduction.