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The silent pool pump enclosure

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A pool pump cover made in Australia for Australia

The Sound Bunker is an easy to install dome that sits over the pump to reduce the sound the pump emits whilst it is running. The dome has sound insulation on the inside that absorbs and traps the sound waves created by the pump.

The quietest and sleekest pool pump enclosure

Don’t pay for an enclosure that covers all of your equipment when you only need to cover your pool pump!

100% Australian made, designed and owned. Built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Reduces noise to comply with certification requirements

Colorbond steel combined with superior acoustic foam, which has a mesh that is not only UV and Fire Resistant as well as water repellent, it also breaks down and traps sound waves inside the foam

Easy to install with the one-size fit for most pool pumps.

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We are Australian pool builders. We designed this ultra-quiet pool pump cover after hearing from our customers that their pool pumps were often too noisy and didn’t comply with certification requirements and they were unable find anything affordable and that still complies. There are plenty of covers for pumps but, none that are sound proofed. So, we decided to solve that problem by designing a cost effective, easy to install pool pump enclosure that would fit most pumps to contain the pump’s noise.



The Sound Bunker is solidly made in Australia to exacting standards. It’s designed to last in our Australian conditions and, best of all, it’s affordably priced.


The Bunker works! It’s brought serenity to my pool surrounds... Two big thumbs up for me!

– Marc Enners, Pool Owner Naremburn