Sound Bunker Australia

About Us

We are Australian pool builders.
We designed this ultra-quiet pool pump cover after hearing from our customers that their pool pumps were often too noisy and didn’t comply with local council regulations and they were unable find anything affordable and that still complies. There are plenty of covers for pumps but, none that are sound proofed. So, we decided to solve that problem by designing a cost effective, easy to install pool pump enclosure that would fit most pumps to contain the pump’s excessive noise. "Following MANY prototypes, we landed on our initial design that found a balance between functionality, practicality, affordability, longevity, aesthetics (sort of) and sound reduction. We look to continually improve the design and welcome feedback so that we get it right for our customers who use it!

Our goal is to help all pool owners so, wherever you are, we will find a way to ship it to you!"