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Top 5 considerations when choosing a pool pump cover

Top 5 considerations when choosing a pool pump cover

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To either finish off your new pool build or perhaps you are sick of looking, or more importantly hearing, the sound coming from your pool equipment, a pool pump cover will do the job! This seems like an easy thing to solve however, when you start looking at what options you have, it starts getting complicated very quickly!

You have “readymade” options with everything from tin sheds from your local hardware store for a few hundred dollars through to custom made full pool pump enclosures for $5,000 – how do you choose the right one? Well, the price may be the main deciding factor but, what are the others? Let’s explore it.

1.      Form 

Aesthetics or the importance of the way your backyard looks should never be underestimated, especially when you have a pool - why spend all the time and money and not have it looking good?! 

Well, perhaps the solution is not to spend a fortune trying to make your equipment look good when it will likely end up looking like a box anyway - perhaps you are better off relocating the equipment and not have to look at it at all...

2.      Function

Keeping the equipment out of the elements is one consideration however, all pool equipment is designed to be kept outdoors so, they don't really need to be enclosed. A growing number of our customers at Sound Bunker are either trying to address concerns of noise of the pool equipment (ie the pump), raised by their neighbours or are just pre-emptively trying to keep their neighbours happy. The #1 reason customers are looking for a pool pump enclosure or pool pump cover is now to address the issue of the noise emitted from the pool pump.

We have also assisted many customers who have spent a lot of money on dressing up their equipment only to find out that it doesn’t do anything to reduce the noise emitted and/or still does not meet the council requirements in terms of noise pollution.

3.      Ease of installation

Are you looking for something you can install yourself or are you happy to find someone to install it for you? Doing it all yourself is going to be the cheapest option by far however, the complexity to do so may well be outside the scope of most weekend warrior handymen or more than they are willing to take on themselves considering that some of the enclosures you can buy need an engineering degree and 4 sets of hands to put together (slight exaggeration).

The enclosures that cover all the equipment also typically require a concrete slab for the pool pump enclosure to be mounted to, or the ground to be levelled and a timber foundation put down, or posts to be dug and posts set in concrete... These requirements are often not spelt out when you purchase the item.

For ease of installation, you can’t beat Fort Knox from Sound Bunker.

4.      Ease of ongoing maintenance

The degree of ongoing maintenance will be directly correlated to the type of material you choose and although a timber structure may be a cheaper alternative initially, it will take regular upkeep to keep it looking good. 

The Fort Knox by Sound Bunker uses the tried and tested Colorbond steel to be able to provide a maintenance free product.

5.      Cost of the enclosure

The initial investment versus the ongoing cost of maintenance needs to be considered. For example, as mentioned the timber enclosures may well be cheaper to put up initially however, over a relatively short period of time will start looking old and tired without regular upkeep that may end up costing quite a bit of money and importantly also time.

Covering all of the equipment is not only unnecessary but also means a larger pool equipment cover, which equates directly to increased cost. In addition to this, for the larger enclosures, they will likely need a concrete slab to be mounted to or to have a professional install it, the cost and additional work of which needs to be added to the initial purchase price. In other words, the price you see online does not include these costs so you will need to consider this in your purchasing decision.

In summary, it may be best trying to not make your pool equipment look like something it isn't (and save yourself money) and instead consider options to relocate the equipment and address other issues such as noise by using a pool pump cover that reduces the sound the pump emits. We suggest using Fort Knox by Sound Bunker as an affordable option that works.

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